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Breaking the well-known myths about roulette

Breaking the well-known myths about roulette

Land and virtual roulette is insanely popular all over the world. This leads to the fact that about the amazing game regularly put a variety of legends and myths. Some of them have led to major losses. Learn the truth to increase your own chances of gaining wealth and not to go along with the fabrications. If you want to choose a casino or see reviews about all slots online casino, you need to use

The myth about the similarity of all varieties of roulette

The statement that all roulette is the same should be called a gross mistake. It is not about the technical features. European and American roulette really are fundamentally different. Only one sector is added to the American version, but it significantly affects the probability of winning. Double zero roughly doubles the casino’s advantage. At long distances it is this factor can cause a big loss. Cautious players are advised to choose the European roulette.

The myth of non-randomness of the fall of the ball

Most players believe that the place where the ball stopped somehow related to the results of previous spins. If a lot of times in a row fell black, then there is a belief that the turn of red. Absolutely absurd myth. The ball has no memory and can not control its location. Each sector of the roulette wheel falls with absolutely equal probability. It is exactly 50% and cannot change. Other opinions about the probabilities of falling out of different sectors are not justified in any way. Mathematical probability theory says that all spins are independent of each other and are free trials.

However, players continue to keep track of colors and sector numbers, betting a huge number of chips on them and hoping to calculate a winning pattern. It makes sense to bet on the numbers that haven’t fallen out in a while. But mathematically the rules apply only for long distances and still do not give a hundred percent guarantee. Coveted sector may not fall out again and again, even after several hundred rotations.

The myth that mathematics can beat roulette

This misconception is directly related to the previous one. On the web regularly sell and buy a lot of roulette strategies. Often their creators are trying to make their creations more credible and solid, trying to justify them mathematically. In practice, the strategy does not work at all, although many players themselves persist in convincing themselves of the opposite.

Myth of bankroll management

There is no doubt that it is very important to be able to control the amount of money set aside for the game. However, it will not help you in any way to influence the mathematical advantage that the casino has by default. The establishment will make a certain profit in any case. The player will never be able to change that.

All the above myths are invented by the players themselves. Such legends arise because many people dream of getting rich quick and easy and want to believe that there are ways to achieve this goal. Think of roulette as an entertainment, recreation giving an adrenaline charge. The game should not be allowed to turn into a way to make money. No one denies the likelihood of a big win, but remember, that very often at the roulette wheel lost a large fortune.

Rely on your luck, don’t try a cunning but useless strategy. Aim to enjoy the emotions that the game is sure to give you, and not on the result with which it will end. Remember that fortune often smiles on those who are indifferent to it. If you want to choose a casino like jackpot city canada, you should first study the reviews about it at