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How to view statistics of personal profile CS: GO

Any kind of eSports provides personal statistics, and CS: GO is no exception. This section allows you to view the level of game skill on various parameters. In particular, the percentage of victory, the number of murders, accuracy of shots, time in the game, MVP in rounds and headshot.

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Why is Terraform DevOps so good?

Maximizing the cost-efficiency of software delivery and IT infrastructure operations is the key component in ensuring a healthy bottom line for your business. If you are a software engineer seeking to make your work much easier and its results much more predictable, or a business owner in search of ways to minimize your spending on IT operations — you must have heard about Terraform DevOps tool. Read More

Gears 5 Online Technical Versus Test Happening Later This Month

Gears 5 is getting a pair of technical tests later this month that will let players try out a number of modes including Arcade, Escalation, and King of the Hill, as well as Bootcamp (a training mode) and Tour of Duty, where you can earn medals to unlock Tester Weapon Skins and a special tester banner.

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